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Grand National Pinstickers Guide

If you are looking for inspiration to help you to find your picks for this years Grand National, you have landed on the right page. We'll give you a lucky dip (a randomly selected horse from this years grand national runners) or you can use the filters to choose your horses based on

Lucky Dip

A randomly selected horse from this year's Grand National runners

Your Star Sign

Pick a horse with
the same star sign

Favourite Color

Based on the
Jockey's silks

Where You Live

Where the horse
is trained

Help With Your Grand National Picks

Grand National Guide is packed full of information to help you to choose your picks for this years race. We have amazing experts who have picked 3 winners from the last 9 years as well as many placed horses. See their 2025 grand national tips here.

If you don't want to follow the experts, how about studying the form and narrowing down the field. Our excellent grand national form tool allows you to filter the runners based on different criteria to create a nice short list for yourself. 

Or if you prefer to use more err non conventional ways to pick your runners, well this page will help. 

Psychic Grand National Tips

Once the psychics have done their stuff we'll add their crystal ball inspired tips right here. In the mean time we have our own sort of version of predicting the winner. Actually its pretty scientific and has a great record. Our amazing grand national winner predictor tool analysis all the runners, produces ratings based on a very complex algorithm and spits out the winner (hopefully).

Grand National Picks Based on Star Signs

Some of our regular followers like to pick their horses based on star signs. Maybe a horse with the same sign as them or a specific sign due to however the stars are aligning right now. Have a go yourself by selecting a star sign from the dropdown above. We will then display horses which match that star sign.  

Grand National Picks Based on Names

Everyone called Arthur or who knew an Arthur either won in 2017 or regretted not backing One for Arthur. Monty's Pass and Bobbyjo have also been popular winners. Take a look through the runners to see if any names jump out at you.

Grand National Picks Based on Colour

We don't mean chestnut or bay, although some of our users like to bet on the grey runners every year. What we mean here are the the colours of the silks the jockeys wear. Some people always like to pick a horse, well rider wearing a certain colour. These colours are actually chosen/designed by the owners of the horse. If you want to use this way to pick your grand national horses this year, choose a colour from the menu above and we will highlight horses whose riders kind of match that colour. 

Grand National Picks Based on Football Teams

Red Marauder back in 2001 was a pick for Man Utd fans. Any links to football clubs that you can see from this years runners?

Grand National Picks Based on Signs

In 1991 Seagram sponsored the grand national, a horse called Seagram won. The next year was a general election year, Party Politics won. Is there a sign in the names of this years runners?