Grand National Pictorial Guide

OLBG - Grand National Pictorial Guide

This Area is A Pictorial Guide to Aintree racecourse and aims to show the main Facilities areas and also the main areas of the Racecourse that you will need to visit if you come to Aintree to watch the grand national. Please be warned that it is heavy on graphics and will take some time to load but I hope you will take a look as I'm sure that you will think that it was worth waiting for. 

The Map

Here is a full map of Aintree Racecourse, Below you will find a further map which shows the facilities areas of Aintree. 

The Racecourse Facilities

This is a Map of the Racecourse facilities. Below you will see further maps which will direct you to the other areas of the Racecourse. ( Please note the embankment is not shown on this map ). 

The Entrance

The Embankment Area

This is the Embankment which is adjacent to the first three fences.

There are quite good facilities here including Bars bookmakers and good viewing areas with some seating. There is also a large viewing screen opposite The Embankment.

The Aldaniti Stand

This is the Aldaniti Stand . The Stand is just after the Winning post and just before the bend that sees the horses going out for the start of the second circuit. 

The Queen Mother Stand

The Queen Mother Stand is the Prime location right on the winning line .It is also accessed from the back which is adjacent to the winners enclosure and is only a short walk from the Parade Ring. The top right picture shows the rear entrance of the building and the picture on the right shows the front of the Stand.( It is the full building on the left ). 

The County Stand

This is the County stand . It is situated just before the winning line and at the start of the bookmakers where you can find the latest grand national odds.

The Princess Royal Stand

The Princess Royal Stand is the newest building. It was built for the 1998 season and is a very impressive building. In this stand is the Red Rum Restaurant and it also houses the New Irish Bar on the ground floor. I think that it was originally called the Aintree Stand. ( Above right is the front view and right is the back view ) 

The Aintree Mound

The Aintree Mound is the Tattersalls viewing area. It is adjacent to the Chair fence and the Elbow. The Photograph here shows the Mound in the foreground with the Princess Royal stand in the back ground. 

The Bookmakers

The Bookmakers are here in front of the stands. 

The Winners Enclosure

Please note that the winners enclosure has now been moved and this part of the course is now a bar facility.

The Winners Enclosure is situated between the Queen Mother Stand and the Parade ring. 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th unsaddle here.

The Parade Ring

Please note that this part of the course has been re-developed. The parade ring has now moved and this area is now the Red Rum garden.

Here is The Parade Ring which is situated behind The Queen Mother Stand and also beyond the Winners Enclosure.

The Aintree Pavilion

The Aintree Pavilion is behind the Aintree Mound , It holds all the main eating stalls and also at least two bars. There are Tote betting facilities here and also a large screen where you can see the racing from Aintree and lately also the Hong Kong racing before the Saturday meeting starts. 

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