Grand National 2003

OLBG - Grand National 2003

Race Summary

As usual all the horses set off at a fast pace.

As they crossed the Melling road for the first time there were about 10 in a line across the course.

At the first fence it was Tremallt who jumped it first and he was followed by the rest of the field. The Bunny Boiler who was in the centre of the pack jumped the fence a little big and on landing pecked and this made his jockey go forward and when the horse recovered his jockey stood no chance and was catapulted out of the saddle to be unseated at the first. And it was on to the second fence.

At the second fence Tremallt was first at it followed by Blowing Wind and they both jump the fence well. Back in the field Bramblehill Duke is a faller but the rest of the filed jump the fence and it's on to the first of the open ditch's.

Tremallt again first at the fence gives it plenty of air and jumps it really well Blowing Wind also gives it plenty of air but is a little slower landing but is OK, next in the field is Montifault who is going well at this stage, the rest of the field follow but Wonder Weasel makes a mistake and falls. 37 continue to the next fence.

At the fourth the leader jump the fence well and the entire field that are now starting to stretch out a little also jump the fence.

At the fifth Tremallt is still in the lead with Montifault showing good progress and Blowing wind still with them and Monty's Pass following behind them going well. Shotgun Willy makes a mistake and pecks on landing but is still in the race.

The next fence is the most famous on the course, Bechers Brook Tremallt is again first at the fence and jumps it really well and is followed by the filed. Carbury Cross makes a mistake and pecks on landing but is safe and carries on, but the fate of Fadalko here is not so good and he unseats his rider. Last years winner Bindaree jumps the fence but is spread-eagled on landing and is down on his belly but his jockey Carl Llewellyn sits still and the horse gets up and carries on to the next.

The 7th fence is the smallest on the course but still gives it's share of problems, At Foinavon the leader is still Tremallt fallowed by Montifault, next is Torduff Express and Blowing Wind, then comes Maximise and Monty's Pass, followed by Iris Bleu and Behrajan. All horses jump the fence.

The next fence is the 90-degree turn of the canal turn. As expected the horses move out from the rail in order to cut the corner of the fence, this the leaders do well and the rest of the field go with them. However at the back Polar Champ makes a mistake and his rider is unseated. Burlu makes a mistake but is okay. And Bindaree is last and is being sympathetically ridden and nursed along by his jockey

At the next fence, Valentines Montifault joint Tremallt at the front of affairs and these to jump it together just a short head ahead of Maximise who is going really well. The entire filed jump the fence and it's on to fence number 10.

At the 10th Tremallt has been headed for the first time and the leader at the fence is Montifault who jumps the fence well. Not the same fate for Iris Bleu who makes a very bad mistake but is still running. No fallers at this fence and so it's on to the 11th fence and the second open ditch.

At the 11th there is little change in the order of the field But one is in trouble he is the well fancied Chives but he has broken a blood vessel and his jockey the fine horseman Richard Guest quickly spots the problem and pulls the horse up.

At the 12th all the leaders jump the fence well but at the back of the field You'll Never walk Alone does not jump it well and something has gone wrong with his action and he is quickly pulled up.

It is a good run now across the Anchor bridge road and around the bend to the next fence, Gunner Welburn is making really good progress here on the flat and the order is. Montifault, Tremallt and Blowing Wind, Behrajan is next and is absolutely cruising, Monty's pass id with them also id Torduff Express who seems to be going well. Maximise is next with Gunner Welburn, Gingembre and Royal Predica, Iris Bleu and Carbury Cross. As the horses make the turn the fields placing are starting to change, it's on to the first in the home straight on the first circuit.

At the 13th Fence Gunner Welburn has hit the front and Montifault is the next go jump it and the rest of the field jump the fence well.

The next fence is the 14th this time but will be the last next time around comes on soon. Gunner Welburn is leading with Montifault next and Torduff Express who is still going really well with the exception of Ballingclay king who is pulled up.

The horses now start to move across the course and are getting ready for the 15th fence the biggest on the course the mighty 5ft 2-inch fence with the 6ft ditch that is The Chair. Gunner Wellburn and Montifault at the Chair Fence on the first circuit. First at the fence is Gunner Welburn who looks to be going for a big one but the cleaver horse realises that he is wrong and steadies himself and as many horses fail to do at this fence he puts in a really clever little short one that puts him right at it The crowd gasp but although he loses ground he does stay on his feet.

Montifault jumps the fence really well and gets away from it with a length advantage.

Mick Fitzgerald is not so lucky on Katarino and finds himself on the floor as his mount Katarino falls.

At the back of the field Iris Bleu gets pulled up.

The water is the 16th and along with the chair is another fence that is only jumped once. All horses clear this fence.

It is a long way past the winning post and out into the course for the second circuit, Montifault leads Torduff Express and Tremallt, these are followed by Carbury cross Gunner Welburn and Monty's pass, next Gingembre and Royal Predica, Blowing Wind, Maximise, Mantles Prince and Killusty, followed by Goguenard and Amberleigh house. The horses cross the Melling road and they soon find themselves back at the first fence but this time it is the 17th.

At the 17th. The horses are now getting strung out. Torduff express is now going really well and leads over the fence by a length to Montifault. Tremallt makes a mistake and his jockey gets pushed up his mounts neck but stays with him. Gunner Welburn has now recovered his placing and is a close fourth. The others jump the fence okay with the exception of Empereur River who was very slow at the fence but is a long way behind.

We are at the 18th, 30 of the 40 starters are still in the race but the pace is now starting to tell. As Torduff Express jumps the fence in front he is joined by Monty's Pass who is going really well and Gunner Wellborn who is also going well. The rest of the field follow and all survive.

At the next the open ditch and the 19th of 30, Torduff Express jumps the fence well but Monty's Pass is quicker and so is Gummer Welburn and they take the first two positions. The next dozen jump the fence well but there are a few fallers You're Agoodun fall and Goguenard takes a heavy fall. Also Maximise and Robbo fall, this then leads to Add Hoc unseating his rider, Good Shuill is pulled up.

The 20th is soon upon the leaders and Gunner wellborn is back in front and puts in a good jump, he is followed by Monty's Pass who is going well and Torduff Express who has moved to the outside. Royal Predica makes a mistake as does Killusty but all go to the next.

At the 21st Gunner Welburn is now 2 lengths in front of Monty's pass who is going well, The comes Torduff Express and Behrajan is making good ground. All but 2 jump the fence the two being pulled up are Shotgun Willy and Empereur River.

The next is Bechers again, Gunner Welburn jumps it well and Monty's Pass jumps the fence safely, Tremallt, Torduff Express, Behrajan, Carbury Cross, Montifault. Amberleigh House is starting to make progress, Killusty however makes a mistake and can't recover and is out of the race. Burlu at the back of the race does not get anything like high enough at the fence and takes a heavy fall.

The Foinavon is next and at the fence there is a little change in the order. Gunner Welburn jumps first then Monty's Pass next is Montifault and Amberleigh House. Carbury cross make a mistake and loses a length but there are no fallers. Gingembre is pulled up.

The Canal Turn is next and at this one, Gunner Welburn jumps it well Followed by Monty's Pass, Amberleigh house and Montifault jump it together but are two lengths off the leaders, the rest of the pack is a further two lengths behind. All jump the fence and turn and head onto Valentines.

At Valentines the first four now all have a length between them but all are going well, All the leaders jump it well but Mantles prince is a faller at the back and Red Ark is being pulled up.

With 5 left to jump the next is the 26th The order of the first four has not changes but now there is only half a length between them in fifth place now is Supreme Glory who is making really good headway.

At the 27th Torduff Express who has run well for a long way steps at the fence tiredly and unseats his jockey, and Red Strikers Jockey gets departed in the same manor. Many of the runners left are getting tiered now and Gregg House has had enough and refuses at the fence. Last years winner Bindaree is now starting to stay on as is Blowing Wind and Royal Predica.

Approaching the 28th fence there are 14 left in the race a smaller number than had been expected in these conditions. Gunner Welburn and Monty's Pass are the first two to jump it next is Amberleigh house who is still going well, These are followed by Montifault who is very tired but is not giving up. There is then a big gap to the next two who are making ground Supreme Glory who has really got the wind in his sails as Bindaree who's stamina is now coming into play. Tremallt is next then Carbury cross and Behrajan,

As they cross the Anchor bridge road and they realise they only have two more fences to jump Gunner Welburn is joined by Monty's Pass and in close contention is Amberleigh House. Three lengths behind is Montifault who is starting to fade. Seven lengths back and going really well is the 2001 Welsh national Winner supreme Glory who is going better than anybody but has a long way to catch up with the leaders.

At the second last Gunner Welburn is giving his all but is now tiring and Monty's Pass who has more left in the tank takes the lead from him. Amberleigh House is still making ground at this point and going well. Montifault jumps it next and upsides him is Supreme Glory who is still making fantastic headway.

As they come to the last Monty's Pass jumps it first a half a length up on Amberleigh House who jumps to the right and is therefore a little slow away from the fence and loses a length. Gunner Welburn is finding the going difficult now but is till giving his jockey all he can. Three lengths behind him and still more than 10 lengths behind the leader is Supreme Glory who is still making progress and passes Montifault. Who is now fifth. There is a big gap no to the others.

Getting away from the fence Monty's pass makes the most of Amberleigh house's jumps to the right and soon puts five lengths between himself and Amberleigh House who now is trying to stay on but is not finding any more.

At the elbow Monty's pass is now 6 in front of Amberleigh House who is now only one length in front of the fast finishing Supreme Glory, With Gunner Welburn a few lengths behind. Monty's Pass At The Elbow

50 yards past the elbow Barry Geraghty, Monty's Pass' jockey steals a look over his shoulder and finds that he is out in front and is enough in front that he should now not be caught. Eight lengths behind Supreme glory passes Amberleigh house as if he is standing still, but he is just too far behind.

Monty's Pass crosses the line the winner of the 2003 Grand National and for the third time in the last 5 years the Irish have the winner.

12 lengths behind Supreme Glory has come from a long way back to finish a very gallant second.

Amberleigh House and Supreme Glory on the run in

A further 2 lengths Third goes to Amberleigh House, who ran a big race today.

14 Lengths behind was the next to cross the line is the long time leader Gunner Welburn in fourth.

5th by 11 lengths was Montifault who disputed the lead for a long way.

6th by 1 length was Bindaree a most remarkable placing given his bad mistake at Bechers.

7th by 18 lengths was another Irish Horse Carbury Cross.

8th by 6 length was the very Blowing Wind who's consistency in this race is very good with this 8th to add to his 2 3rd places.

9th by 7 lengths was Tremallt who gave his all today and who ran and finished with credit.

10th by 7 lengths was Behrajan who was the only horse to finish carrying more than 11st. This was s fine performance under Top weight of 11st 12lbs.

11th by 9 lengths was the Aintree veteran Djeddah who adds a 11th to his 9th in 2000 on his 4th run in the race.

12th by 8 lengths was Majed, a good performance to finish today in his second run in the race.

13th by a distance, Royal Predica, his was a fine performance from the horse and added this place to his 9th last year in his third time in the race and was a second finisher for his owner Peter Deal who also had his other runner Blowing Wind finish.

14th and last by 26 lengths and in his own time, Southern Star a fine run and a well-deserved finish.

Winner Comments

Monty's Pass

Monty's pass won this years national and it was not a complete unexpected victory. Monty's Pass One os the horses owners was on at various prices and picked up winnings of around 800,000 pounds. The horse ran very well throughout the race in fact his jockey said that "he never touched a twig" and this ensured that he had enough in the tank to go clear of the field after the last fence. The horses obviously was destined to be a long distance chaser and his win in the grade 1 Kerry National proves. He is not well known in this country for a 10 year old as he does most of his running in Ireland. He ran well today and is a worthy winner of the race.

James Joseph Mangan

James Mangan The Irish trainer James Joseph Mangan did a good job to bring this horse to Aintree at the peak of his form. He is one of the smaller Isish trainers but is clearly a clever man. He has brought this horse to Aintree before, last year he gave him a race in the Topham Chase at this meating and was second on that occasion and that must then have set out the plan for this race. From the pre and post race interviews he seemed a very nice man and it was a shame that the post race reports were more interested in the owners rather than the trainer.

Barry Geraghty

Barry GeraghtyBarry Geraghty just can't seem to put a foot wrong this season and this win is the icing on the cake for him. He had a fantactics Cheltenham festival where he was the leading jockety with 5 wins. Despite his not having completed the Grand National on his previous two rides he gave the horse a peach of a ride today and had him in the right position throughout the race. He is a fine rider who riders in Ireland and on the mainland and he will be in greater demand after this fine season.

Second Place

Supreme Glory

Supreme Glory Supreme Glory ran an absolute blinder today to come second on ground that would seemingly to be to livly for him. His best runs have been on much softer surfaces and therefore this makes his run today all the more remarkable. He clearly had problems keeping up today and that was to be expected but other one thing he does do is stay and today he proved that in spades. The biggest race he has won would be the Welsh National in 2001 but he did suffer some tendon injury that season and so has probably not been seen at his best since. All the stats are against horses coming back to this great race and winning but as most years the ground is on the soft side next year he could come back and who knows?

Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy Pat Murphy is a fine trainer and this run by Supreme Glory is down much to his handling of the horse. He has nursed him back from injury and has given him some good races to run in as preparation for this race. Pat opinions are well respected and he can often been seen on the At The Races racing channel giving his opinions. He is a good trainer and we wish him many more successes. Hopefully Supreme glory will be back to contest the Welsh and Aintree nationals next year. And perhaps give him even more success.

Leighton Aspell

Leighton Aspell is a cleaver jockey who rides this horse particularly well. He had the good sense to not give up on this horse when he was got so far behind early on; he stuck with the horse and gave him the chance to get back to the pack. His knowing the horse was a definite advantage today. although he does ride for a good variety of trainers and on the right horses he will win many more races.

Third Place

Amberleigh House

Amberleigh House is a good chaser who has won over the Aintree fences when he ran in the Becher chase last season. Unfortunately he was balloted out of last years race so it was with relief to his connections that he was allowed to take part this year. He is a nice big horse who loves this course which is just as well because his trainer loves this course and this race having won it three times. The handicapper takes an 'Aintree Factor' into account when issuing the handicap for this race and that meant that this horse was carrying a lot more weight that he would have had to in a normal handicap so by that account if he had been on the bottom weight of 10st be could well have been a lot closer.

Ginger McCain

No other person training today knows what it is like to win the Grand National as many times as Donald (Ginger) McCain. He trained the legendary Red Rum to win this race three times and to be second twice. He is a master at laying out horses for the race. Ginger has not had the best of luck in the race since Rummy but he undoubtedly has the talent to train a winner again and I'm sure he will have this horse back for another crack next year.

Graham Lee

Graham Lee is a fine jockey who won 66 races last season. He gave Amberleigh hose a fine ride today and kept him up with the pace of the race and gave him every chance. Graham was having his first ride in the race today but showed that he knows where he should be throughout.

Fourth Place

Gunner Welburn

Gunner Welburn A fine chaser this who gave hi all today. He had been leading for a lot of the race but could not quicken. It was reported that he did not quite get the trip in the shorter Welsh National but his run here proves that he must have. However he again did not seem to get home here. However although he seemingly does not finish his races well he looks every bit a long distance chaser and the brave effort today has put him in good stead. Gunner Welburn or 'wellie ' as he is known at home is sure to pit up another big long distance chase as his has real guts and determination. He is another who has won over the Aintree fences and who was balloted out last year.

A. M. Balding

Andrew Balding has taken over from his father from January 1st however that does not even start to tell the full story, he has been an assistant trainer to his father Ian balding for some time and also has been successful in a smaller way in his own right. He has plenty of experience in training both codes of racing and it is a good Racing is in the balding bloodline with his great grandfather training three Grand National winners. And his uncle Toby training two. His is a young trainer who will go one to great things.

Barry Fenton

Barry gave this horse a good ride today especially after the horse had to put himself right at the Chair fence. Barry gave the horse time to get back but did not let him loose touch of the leading pack as this can be fatal if you allow this to happen on the second circuit. Barry won the Welsh National a few years back on Kendal Cavalier so he knows how to ride in these big races. 

Full List of Finishers

1st MONTY'S PASS 10-10-07 (Dee Racing Syndicate) Jimmy Mangan IRE Barry Geraghty 16/1
2nd SUPREME GLORY 10-10-02 (Chris Moorsom and John Dyson) Pat Murphy Leighton Aspell 40/1
3rd AMBERLEIGH HOUSE 11-10-04 (Halewood International Ltd) Ginger McCain Graham Lee 33/1
4th GUNNER WELBURN 11-10-02 (William Ritson/David Hall) Andrew Balding Barry Fenton 16/1
5th MONTIFAULT 8-10-04 (Anne Fulton) Paul Nicholls Joe Tizzard
6th BINDAREE 9-10-11 (Raymond Mould) Nigel Twiston Davies Carl Llewellyn
7th CARBURY CROSS 9-10-12 (Anne Duchess of Westminster) Jonjo O'Neill Liam Cooper
8th BLOWING WIND 10-10-09 (Peter Deal) Martin Pipe Tom Scudamore
9th TREMALLT 12-10-02 (Silkword Racing Partnership) Tom George Jason Maguire
10th BEHRAJAN 8-11-12 (The Behrajan Partnership) Henry Daly Richard Johnson
11th DJEDDAH 12-10-01 (Haras d'Ecouves) Francois Doumen FR Thierry Doumen
12th MAJED 7-10-05 (Sandicroft Stud II) Martin Pipe Rodi Greene
13th ROYAL PREDICA 9-10-02 (Peter Deal, John Dale, Allan Stennett) Martin Pipe Mr Jamie Moore
14th SOUTHERN STAR 8-10-08 (Trevor Hemmings) Henrietta Knight Dominic Elsworth
1st Fence
UR THE BUNNY BOILER 9-10-10 (The Usual Suspects Syndicate) Noel Meade IRE John Cullen
2ND Fence
FELL BRAMBLEHILL DUKE 11-10-00 (South Wales Shower Supplies T/A Faucets) Venetia Williams Brian Crowley
3rd Fence
FELL WONDER WEASEL 10-10-05 (David Halsall) Kim Bailey J P McNamara
4th Fence
All Jumped
5th Fence
All Jumped
6th Fence
UR FADALKO 10-11-07 (Sir Robert Ogden) Paul Nicholls Seamus Durack
7th Fence
All Jumped
8th Fence
UR POLAR CHAMP 10-10-04 ( The Reims Partnership) Martin Pipe Danny Howard
9th Fence
All Jumped
10th Fence
All Jumped
11th Fence
PU YOUL NEVER WALK ALONE 9-10-11 (J P McManus) Christy Roche IRE Conor O'Dwyer
PU CHIVES 8-11-05 (Trevor Hemmings) Henrietta Knight Richard Guest
12th Fence
All Jumped
13th Fence
All Jumped
14th Fence
PU BALLINCLAY KING 9-10-12 (Ian Guise, Brian Leatherday and Nicola Spence) Ferdy Murphy Davy Russell
15th Fence
FELL KATARINO 8-10-08 (Robert Waley-Cohen) Nicky Henderson Mick Fitzgerald
PU IRIS BLEU 7-11-03 (David Johnson) Martin Pipe Tony McCoy
16th Fence
All Jumped
17th Fence
All Jumped
18th Fence
All Jumped
19th Fence
FELL YOU'RE AGOODUN 11-10-09 Jeff Lammiman) Martin Pipe Robert Thornton
FELL GOGUENARD 9-10-02 (Trevor Hemmings) Sue Smith Warren Marston
FELL MAXIMIZE 9-10-04 (Lady Vestey) Henrietta Knight Jim Culloty
FELL ROBBO 9-10-00 (The Scarth Racing Partnership) Mary Reveley Alan Dempsey
UR AD HOC 9-11-01 (Sir Robert Ogden) Paul Nicholls Paul Carberry
PU GOOD SHUIL 8-10-03 (Robert Newsholme and Fergus Wilson) Charlie Mann Noel Fehily
20th Fence
All Jumped
21st Fence
PU SHOTGUN WILLY 9-11-09 (Graham Roach) Paul Nicholls Ruby Walsh
PU EMPEREUR RIVER 11-10-00 (P Matran) Jacques Ortet FR Mr Patrick Pailhes
22nd Fence
FELL KILLUSTY 9-10-04 (Lady Lloyd-Webber) Charles Egerton Tony Dobbin
FELL BURLU 9-10-00 (Fabien Ouaki) Martin Pipe Gerry Supple
23rd Fence
PU GINGEMBRE 9-11-09 (Lavinia Taylor) Lavinia Taylor Andrew Thornton
24th Fence
All Jumped
25th Fence
UR MANTLES PRINCE 9-10-03 (Emlyn Hughes' Cleobury Golfers) Alan Juckes Ollie McPhail
PU RED ARK 10-10-00 (Dorothy Mason) Richard Guest Kenny Johnson
26th Fence
All Jumped
27th Fence
UR RED STRIKER 9-10-08 (Norman Mason) Richard Guest Mr Larry McGrath
UR TORDUFF EXPRESS 12-10-03 (Two Plus Two) Paul Nicholls Timmy Murphy
REF CREGG HOUSE 8-10-03 (Kathleen Kennedy) Paddy Mullins IRE David Casey
28th Fence
All Jumped
29th Fence
All Jumped
30th Fence
All Jumped
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