Grand National 2002

OLBG - Grand National 2002

Race Summary

All the horses and jockeys set off at a fast pace towards the first fence as they always do and as they crossed the Melling road, Wicked Crack and The Last Fling were up with the leader as they got to the first.

At the first there were quite a few runners that were to be out of the race, Wicked Crack who was the first at it, FELL, Marlborough also FELL, Struggle's Glory FELL, Inn At The Top FELL, Carry on Harry FELL, Goguenard FELL, Paris Pike FELL, Frantic Tan was hampered but runs on, Red Ark blundered and UNSEATED RIDER, Logician was BROUGHT DOWN, Niki Dee was hampered and pecked, but stayed on his feet and ran on, Iris Bleu was also hampered but ran on, Smarty is also hampered here, so there was a lot of trouble as the horses carried on from the fence and then it was on to fence number 2.

The second fence is a little bigger than the first but the horses are a little more spread out now, Supreme Charm and the list fling lead at the fence and all the survivors of the first jump survive the second fence also.

Jumping the third and Supreme Charm is in the lead with The Last Fling second, just behind these are Blowing Wind, Celibate, Mely Moss and David's Lad. At the Back of the field You're Agoodun hit the fence and the rider is shot up the horses neck but both survive and it on to the next.

At the 4th The Last Fling takes up the lead from Supreme Charm, Streamstown makes a mistake at the fence but gets away with it, Niki Dee is not so lucky as he FALLS. Samuel Wilderspin also has his race ended as he also FALLS.

The next fence is the one before Bechers and is a 5 footer. The leaders have not changed and jump the fence well but Iris Bleu makes a mistake and FALLS. Frantic Tan also FALLS. The field is now just starting to sort themselves out and get into a rhythm, and the two leaders are starting to get a few lengths lead on the rest of the field, but the next fence is the most famous in the world.

The leaders are at the 6th fence, the mighty Bechers Brook, both the two leaders decide that the best place to jump the fence is in the middle and both riders face the fence with confidence which is good as both horses respond well and jump the fence well. The next horse at the fence is the riderless Struggles Glory who gives the fence a mighty leap. Celibate, and David's lad are the next at the fence followed very closely by Beau all jump it well. In the main bunch You're Agoodun jumps the fence a bit big and pecks on landing but runs away from the fence. Alexander Banquet makes a mistake and looks for a minute if he will get away with it but unfortunately he UNSEATS HIS RIDER.

The next fence is another with a reputation as it is named after the 1967 winner Foinavon, there was a pile up at the fence and he was the only one to jump it well and then went on to win the race. Will the leader at the fence win today? Well there are more horses that jump it well and the leader is The Last Fling second placed Supreme Charm jumps it well, but in the middle of the field Gun'n Roses II leaves his back legs in the fence and stumbles and then FALLS. What's Up Boys gets hampered at the fence but runs away from it well. Smarty who has been running well seems to have a problem with his reigns or his blinkers and his rider is trying to look after him.

The leaders run on to the next fence, which is the Canal Turn. Immediately after this fence the course turns through 90 degrees and as the leaders approach it the running rain lead them from the inside out towards the middle of the course and this allows the horse to jump the fence at an angle. (At The Canal Turn Image by BBC) Last year this is where a loose horse cased a lot of the runners to go out of the race and as The Last fling and Supreme Charm get to it there again is a loose horse between them it is Struggles Glory who seems to be enjoying himself. The two leaders jump the fence well and the riderless horse think of nothing but jumping the fence third to the fence is Celibate and next is Mely Moss and Beau is starting to improve his position and they all turn the corner and run on to the next. However Smarty's rider Tom Scudamore has no choice but to pull the horse up as the blinkers have now been displaced across the horse's face.

Valentines Brook is the next fence and the field is now starting to get strung out a little. The leader The Last Fling now starts to leave the rest of the field behind and jumps this fence 5 lengths ahead. All horses jump it well enough.

The 10th fence comes along soon after valentines and the field looks like this The Last Fling, followed by Supreme Charm who is 5 lengths behind, next and closing is Beau who is jumping really well. These are followed by Celibate, Mely Moss who is keeping in touch then David's Lad, Add hoc who is keeping in touch, Bindaree is next and making good headway and so is Blowing wind. at the fence, which is an open ditch, the leaders jump it well, the rest of the field clear the fence and it's on to the next.

At the 11th the leaders jump it well and only one horse at the back goes through the fence but all get away from it well.

The runners are now at the last in the back and all jump it well with the exception of Streamstown who makes a mistake. Into the straight first time round (Image by BBC) There is a long run now to the next fence and the horses take a pull as they go across the Melling road and the field looks to be going well. The Last Fling is still up front and the lead is now about 3 lengths, next is Supreme Charm, then Celibate who is close up. Next is Beau, followed by David's Lad, Mely Moss, Majed, Bindaree, and Streamstown. Ad Hoc, Blowing Wind, Spot thedifference, Inis Cara, Djeddah and Kingsmark. All horses are quite close up.

They turn the bend and go on to the first in the home turn on the first circuit, The last Fling is first at it but makes a mistake, but gets away from the fence okay, Beau who is now going better then ever and making up significant ground jumps the fence in second place. The rest of the field stream over the fence and ride on to the 14th fence.

The field again is now starting to get a little strung out and at the next The Last Fling is now only 1/2 length in front of the second placed Beau the first two jump the fence well enough but Beau stumbles on landing and just like last year he UNSEAT'S his RIDER. There is a big moan from the crowd as he was well backed. The rest of the field jump the fence well and as the horses get to the stand and start to move in to the stand side of the course the crowd starts to cheer.

The next fence is the first in front of the Grandstand and is the biggest fence on the course. The Mighty Chair fence is a 4 ft 6 inch fence with a 6-foot open ditch and the landing side of the fence is higher than the take off side, which is unusual. If horses see a stride here they jump it well but if not it is very unforgiving as we saw last year. Supreme Charm and Celebate at the Chair The Last Fling at the Chair The last fling is again 3 lengths in front following the departure of Beau and jumps it well, the rest of the field stream across but the improving Kingsmark makes a mistake as does Supreme Charm but all get away from it and run onto the next which is the Water Jump.

At the water the lead is increased by another couple of lengths and back in the field Bindaree is making great progress, as is Royal Predica. They all jump the water and then ride past the winning post; with one circuit completed they set off on another circuit. As they turn the bend The Last Fling is first followed by Supreme Charm, Celibate, Mely Moss, Bindaree, David's Lad, Royal Predica, Ad Hoc, Blowing Wind, Spot thedifference, then comes Inis Cara, Djeddah, What's Up Boys, Streamstown, Majed, Kingsmark, Birkdale, Super Franky, Ackzo, You're Agoodun, Lyreen Wonder, Manx Magic and the last is Murts Man, As they start to go out for the second circuit Murts Man is PULLED UP. The field cross the Melling road and go on to what was the first fence but now it is the 17th. The Last Fling is still in front, second place is Supreme Charm, David's Lad jumps into third next is Celibate.

All jump the fence and the 22 left in the field go to the next.

At the 18th fence The last fling is in the lead David's Lad who is now travelling very sweetly is in 2nd closely followed by Supreme Charm, back in the field Ackzo makes a mistake but gets away with it but Super Franky FALLS and leaves the field down to 21.

Onto the 19th the open ditch and the leaders stream over it but Streamstown makes a bad mistake and carries on. The rest of the field jump it fine, but some horses are starting to look a little tired. ACKZO is PULLED UP and the field is down to 20.

At the 20th fence The Last Fling's lead is getting smaller and smaller and he makes a mistake at the fence brushing through the fence. Manx Magic however has a heavy FALL and Lyreen Wonder is hampered and UNSEATS HIS RIDER.

The 18 left in the race run on to the 21st fence.

The last fling is now jumped upsides by Bindaree and David's Lad; the leading 10 are now starting to bunch up. What's up boys is starting to make headway, Kingsmark is also making ground, Blowing wind is going well but Supreme Charm is now starting to be driven along. All jump the fence and run on to Bechers with 18 still left in.

All the leaders again jump Bechers well, But Mely Moss makes a mistake but stays on his feet but Majed at the back of the field jumps it big and crumples on landing and FALLS and is out of the race. The 17 left in race towards the Foinavon for the second time.

On the run to Foinavon the leaders are going fine but the back of the field is now starting to spread out. Bindaree now takes to the front and jumps it first as The Last Fling is starting to get very tired and makes a mistake at the fence and starts to fall back in the field. Celibate also make a blunder at the fence Ad Hoc also makes a mistake, David's Lad also blunders. It is only a short run to the Canal Turn from here and the pace is hotting up as the 17 run on to it.

At the Canal Turn, Bindaree is in the lead and jumps it well so does the next horse David's Lad, The next is the improving Blowing Wind and then Supreme Charm. The Last Fling makes a bad mistake and FALLS. Mely Moss is hampered but still continues. Inis Cara is PULLED UP.

The horses turn the corner and the 15 run to the next.

As they run to the next the leaders look to be going very well with Bindaree in front and David's Lad and Blowing wind running on well. Kingsmark who is now going well makes a mistake and jumps it untidily. Ad Hoc makes a mistake, as does Djeddah. What's up Boys is making great progress. 15 left in the field and 5 more fences to jump.

On to the 26th fence and Bindaree is jumps it first but the fast improving What's up Boys jumps it a close second, David's Lad and Blowing Wind are cruising in third and fourth place both seem to be going very easily. Ad hoc is up there but Supreme Charm is now being ridden along but the horse is still trying. Spot thedifference is now given reminders to try and keep in touch and the horse is trying to respond, Royal Predica Makes a mistake but runs on. The field runs on to the last open ditch.

At the 27th What's Up Boys and Bindaree are upsides one and other and both jump the fence well. In third place David's Lad makes a mistake and FALLS Ad hoc is hampered and FALLS and Spot thedifference is hampered and also FALLS. Djeddah who is in the centre of the fence also UNSEATS HIS RIDER.

Bindaree up front gets away from the fence best of all and steals a 1-length lead. And the field of 11 run onto the third last.

On to the 28th fence and the two leaders jump it well but the toll of this race is starting to tell but all jump it safely.

The field is now starting to spread out as the leading two horses kick on with the rest of the field trying to stay with them, Kingsmark and Blowing Wind are up there but the rest are falling behind.

As they get to the Melling road Bindaree is again is two lengths in front of What's up Boys who is under pressure, they are followed by Kingsmark who's jockey suddenly looks behind as he thinks his horse is in trouble and has lost his action, The jockey gives him a few strides and decides that he is okay. Just alongside him is Blowing Wind, next is Royal Predica, Supreme Charm, then comes You're Agoodun who is followed by Celibate, then Mely Moss then there is a big gap to Birkdale and last is Streamstown. As they turn for home Bindaree is still out in front and going well with a loose horse up with him for company.

Approaching the second last What's up boys makes great improvement and at the fence both he and Bindaree jump the fence together they are 15 lengths in front of the third horse blowing wind and the close up 4th Kingsmark. The first four jump the fence well The rest of the field jump the fence with the exception of Mely Moss who crumples on landing and FALLS but his jockey Norman Williamson gets hold of the horse and remounts. As the two leaders get away from the fence Bindaree is on the rails and What's up Boys is on his outside the loose horse is wider still but as they run to the last the loose horse runs in front of What's up Boys and gets in between the two horses so on they run three abreast Bindaree the loose horse and What's up Boys.

At the last the loose horse again moves to his left this time he crosses the path of Bindaree and Bindaree's jockey switches him out around the horse three strides from the fence to get a view of the fence. All three of jump the last together and get away from it well, the leaders start to go right towards the elbow and the loose horse starts to go with them he must want to stay with his stable mate as the loose horse is Beau and is from the same stable as Bindaree, But Beau causes no trouble from here on in.

As the horses run to the elbow Richard Johnson is the first to reach for the whip as he gives What's up boys a slap, Jim Culloty, just waves the stick at Bindaree, but What's up Boys seems to be going the better and gets a two length advantage as they reach the elbow, the rest of the field are a long way behind.

Bindaree moves to the stand side as What's up Boys gets to the elbow but just past the elbow What's up Boys moves out from the far running rail and Jim turns Bindaree and gets him on the rail Bindaree now gets his head down and starts to run on. Jim gives him a slap with the whip and he picks up, What's up boys is still under pressure but is giving his absolute all in a brave effort to keep in front.

There's 80 yards to the finish line and both horses and jockeys are now flat out and giving their all. Bindaree is trying to make up ground and is doing so but only slowly What's up Boys is still running his heart out and trying to give Richard more. 30 Yards from the line Bindaree is now absolutely flying he is giving his jockey more and more and is upsides What's up Boys who is also trying to give his jockey more but the horse has run his heart out, although he is not giving up and has his head down he has given his all and under a weight that has not been carried to victory for 19 years he has no extra to give, he runs on well but the writing is on the wall for this very brave 8 year old grey.

10 yards from the line Bindaree is still giving his jockey a little bit more and is running and staying on well. He is just not going to let anyone take his glory and today is his day. Bindaree crosses the line the victor in a great race and his jockey punches the air as he adds to his Gold Cup win this year, a win in the worlds greatest steeplechase. What's up boys is a gallant 1 ¾ lengths 2nd.

Blowing Wind runs on to be a fine 27 length 3rd to fill the same position as last year.

Kingsmark runs on well to finish 9 lengths behind in 4th place.

17 lengths behind him Supreme Charm finishes.

3 lengths behind him is Celibate.

3 lengths behind him is You're Agoodun.

18 lengths next is his and Blowing Wind's stalemate Royal Predica.

28 Lengths behind is Streamstown

A further 13 lengths is Birkdale.

And 11th and last a distance behind is the remounted Mely Moss.

Winner Comments


Bindaree today was the toast of Aintree when he won the 2002 Grand National. Bindaree and Jim Culoty He won the race despite being in the lead and then being headed at the elbow but then his grit and determination came into play when he battled and showed his great determination to get past the fine What's Up Boys on the run in as so many have done before him. Today Bindaree showed how good he was in a finish when he is up with the pace and was up in the first half a dozen from The Chair fence. He can sometimes get behind a little in the early stages of his race but his jockey Jim Culloty placed him to give him every chance and Bindaree repaid him in spades. Bindaree was not thought to be the stables first choice today but he really was magnificent. It was ironic that the only time he was in a little trouble was over the last two fences where he was being hassled by a loose horse, this was Beau his stable mate who had fallen a circuit before and this was the reason than his jockey Jim Culloty was not able to kick on as he would have liked from the last but he still came on and his jockey summed it up when he said " He really fought for me. He was a brave as they come", praise indeed from the jockey who won this years Cheltenham Gold Cup. Bindaree ran well earlier in the year in the Welsh National in a race where he was held up again. He has in the past been able to front run also so he really is very versatile, and nothing shows this more than his win in the Victor Chandler Chase. Bindaree is only 8 years old and has a good future in front of him and will certainly win more races. Given this type of ground he could be an interesting runner in this race next year.

Nigel Twiston Davies

Nigel Twiston Davies has not won this great race twice in the space of 5 years. Nigel Twiston Davies (Image by BBC)Nigel despite being one of out top national hunt trainers has not had a good year. The winners have not been so forthcoming this season but this one certainly put a smile on his face. He famously dislikes giving interviews but he was very happy to do so after this fine win. Of Bindaree he said, "We are very very pleased he did a good job". He has won this race in the past with Earth Summit who went on to win the Scottish National and also won the Welsh National. He trained 47 winners last season which was poor by his standards and was down on the 87 that he sent out the year before however he still earned over half a million pounds in prize money. He stated after the race that so poor was this season that he had decided that if he did not win the race with one of his three entry's this year that he would give up training and did say that he was still undecided but if he did stay in racing that he would' down size' his yard" He might now find this difficult as more owners may now want to trust their horses in his keeping. He would be a great loss to national hunt racing if he was to give up the sport but could finish with his head held high.

Jim Culloty

Jim Culloty is one of our good jockeys in this country but he is probably not as well known as our other top jockeys as he rides a lot in the north of the country and northern jockeys do not get the recognition they deserve. Jim Culloty He was 11th in the league of jockeys last year with a strike rate of 21% and earned his connections just less than 396,000 pounds in prize money. Ha has done the same as the Twiston Davies stable jockey (Carl Llewellyn) has done twice in the last 10 years by taking over his ride in the national from the booked jockey who had broken his leg. Jim gave the horse a fine ride today and gave the horse every chance by not letting him get adrift in the race. He also did not give up on the horse when he was passed just after the last fence but battled on getting the horse to stretch again and again. Add this fine ride to the great ride he gave Best Mate this year to win the Gold Cup and you can see that his services will be in demand when he is not riding for his retained trainer H.C.Knight.

Second Place

What's Up Boys

What's Up Boys ran his heart out today but was passed as so many others have been on the run in. What's Up Boys He showed all his heart in his running today and even after 4 miles he was still not giving up at the end despite having to give the winner 1st 2lbs. He is a fabulous grey horse who no matter what type of race he runs he always comes running on strongly at the end. He has great heart and his connections I'm sure are very proud of his run today. There is nothing wrong with finishing such a close second after running 4 miles in the world's greatest steeplechase. The key to the horse is that his jumping has improved since he first went chasing and now looks as sound a jumper as they come and looks as if he loves the game. He is a horse that is genuine and always gives his best in any race he runs. At 8 years old could be another to follow in the next few years over long distances. It is likely now that he will run in the Attheraces Gold Cup (Whitbread) now so look out for him there.

Philip Hobbs

Philip Hobbs is a top class trainer who finished 4th in the trainers title last year. Philip Hobbs (Image by BBC) He trains in Minehead and gets a lot of winners in the West Country and indeed all over the country now. He has lot of good horses and will be winning more big prises soon. He was watching the race alongside the winning trainer and although he must have been a little disappointed at not winning after his horse seemed to have in the bag at the elbow. He brushed this off and was one of the first to congratulate the winning connections in the winners enclosure. He is an ex jockey and so was his brother Peter who used to ride for him. He is top class and will have many more successes in the pipeline.

Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is one of the very top jockeys we have here in this country. Richard JohnsonWith 161 winners last season he was second in the jockeys table and 55 of them came for the Hobbs stable with which he is the stable jockey. He has tried his luck before in the Grand National and has never completed before despite having a very good run 2 years ago on the horse that was going as good as any up front star traveller before having to pull him up through injury. Now he has got the Aintree hoodoo out of the way in the next few years I'm sure he will be able to relax and enjoy his rides in the national. A fine horseman who will undoubtedly get more winners this season and will be successful for many seasons to come.

Third Place

Blowing Wind

His jockey said, " I think he is the perfect Grand National Horse" in the run up to the National. Blowing Wind I must say that I had my doubt's that he would stay the distance despite getting around last years after unseating Tony in last years race. He ran very well indeed and despite being left behind a when the first and second horses kicked clear two out he still ran a very fine race to be second. Tony McCoy said that he thought that Blowing Wind was better on last years ground and given that the "normal ground" for the national is somewhere between the both he could be one to follow in next seasons National. He really did run well and his jumping was very good indeed and it would have to be for a horse to be third in successive Nationals. He is still only 9 and although he would probably not have too much improvement to come with a racing weight he will have a good chance to go one or maybe two better next year. He ran and jumped bravely today and did nothing wrong but just found 2 too good today. His connections must be very proud of their horse.

Martin Pipe

Martin PipeMartin Pipe is the top trainer in the country. Last year he sent out an amazing 834 runners and won 168 races. He finished top of the trainer list again. He has won many good races and indeed has won this race in the past when Miinnehoma won the race in 1994. He will of course be a little disappointed but the horse not winning but he will be more philosophical about his run than the jockey. A man at the top of his trade he will have many more good days to add to this third. Two more of Martins horses finished in the 11 finishers in 8th and 7th positions.

Tony McCoy

Tony is a jockey at the very top of his profession. He is without doubt the most successful national hunt jockey ever. Last year he won 191 races and this year he has broken all racing records for the most wins in a season. Tony McCoy He has a determination to win that is unparalleled in any sport. It is said that he was once talking to another jockey who was training to run in the London marathon. And when be bragged that he would get home in four hours. Tony replied to him. "You mean you are not going to win? Well what's the point in running then?" He is a fine jockey but before this run he had not got around the Aintree fences without falling and the only time he finished previously was when he remounted last year. None of his pears have anything to say about him other than to praise his riding and also to say how nice a person he is. Given that he is a top-notch jockey riding for the best stable in the country he has a good chance to go better in future years. The only thing against him is that there is only one Grand National a year and many other champion jockeys never won the national.

Fourth Place


A fine effort by this chaser off a weight of 11st 9lbs. Kingsmark He ran very well for the better part of the race and his jockey thought he was going very well. His jockey said that he changed his legs and lost his action for a few strides and you could see Ruby looking behind at the horses rear to see if he was sound. He decided that he would carry on and the horse ran on bravely despite feeling something and finished a fine 4th. He is a fine jumper and has won the Edward Hanmer at Haydock twice. He probably would have preferred it a little softer and would have been closer. A few pound lower in the weights would also have seen him a bit closer. Would he have won? Well his jockey, who has been 1st 4th in previous Grand Nationals, thought that he would have. He is sure to have more good runs in him and will surly win some more good races in the future.

Martin Todhunter

Martin is one of the smaller trainers to send out a Grand National runner. Last season he sent out 65 runners and had 7 winners. His win and place prize money totalled over 91,000 pounds. Kingsmark has been a good servant to him and Martin gets the best out of the horse and always turns him out fit and well.

Ruby Walsh

Ruby comes from a very good Irish racing family. His father trains horses and Ruby won this race two years ago on a horse trained by his father Papillion. (Image by BBC) He gave the horse a peach of a ride today and had the horse in the perfect position at the third last and that is all a good jockey can do. Horses will then either go on or not. It was unfortunate that the horse seemed to go wrong for a few strides and Ruby was concern for a while. Ruby said after the race "I thought I would win at the third last". He has given the horse every chance and on the day, given the weight and the ground, a bit faster than he would perhaps have liked the pair ran well and into a deserved fourth place. Ruby ride his fathers good horses and is so well respected in this country that he will pick up many good spare ride in this country and has a bit future still ahead of him. 

Full List of Finishers

1st Bindaree 8-10-4 Mr H.R. Mould N.A. Twiston Davies J. Culoty
2nd Whats Up Boys 8-10-0 R.J.B. Partners P.Hobbs R. Johnson
3rd Blowing Wind 9-10-6 Mr P.A. Deal M.C.Pipe D.J. Casey
4th Kingsmark 9-11-9 Sir Robert Ogden M. Todhunter R.Walsh
5th Supreme Charm 10-10-0 Mr.P.J. Vogt K.C. Bailey R. Thornton
6th Celibate 11-10-3 Stamford Bridge Partnership C.J. Mann N. Fehily
7th You're Agoodun 10-10-8 Mr.J.S. Lammiman M.C.Pipe J.R. Kavanagh
8th Royal Predica 8-10-8 P.A + J.S. Dale M.C.Pipe J.A. Macarthy
9th Streamstown 8-10-8 Haydock Park NH partnership Ferdy Murphy J.P. McNamara
10th Birkdale 11-10-0 Mr. Duncan Norbury Ferdy Murphy J.M. Maguire
11th Mely Moss 11-10-2 Mr D.Mecer and Miss L.Boden C.R.Egerton N.Williamson
1st Fence
FELL Paris Pike 10-10-13 Mr. and Mrs Ivan Staker Ferdy Murphy Richard Guest
FELL Alexander Banquet 9-11-11 Mrs N. O'Callaghan W.P. Mullins B.J. Geraghty
FELL Marlborough 10-11-12 Sir Robert Ogden N.J. Henderson M.A. Fitzgerald
FELL Inn at the Top 10-10-8 Mrs Sylvia Blakeley J.R. Turner A.S. Smith
FELL Carry on Harry 8-10-0 D. Silkand J. Castro M. Gillard P.Walker M.C.Pipe R. Wakley
FELL Wicked Crack 9-10-5 Mr.L Queally E.U.Hales C.O'Dwyer
FELL Iris Bleu 6-10-0 Mr.D.A. Johnson M.C.Pipe Paul Moloney
FELL Goguenard 8 10 0 Mr. Trevor Hemmings N.J. Henderson W. Marston
UR Red Ark 9-10-0 Mrs D.B. Mason N.B. Mason K. Johnson
BD Struggles Glory 11-10-3 Mr.D.C. Robinson D.C. Robinson B. Hithcock
BD Logician 11-10-0 Mr. Robert Roulston I.A. Balding M. Bradbourne
2nd Fence
All Jumped
3rd Fence
All Jumped
4th Fence
FELL Niki Dee 12-10-0 Mr. George Dilger P. Beaumont R. Garritty
FELL Samuel Wilderspin 10-10-0 Stella Barnes Steve Smith R.Lee T.Doyle
5th Fence
UR Frantic Tan 10-10-5 The Bunkers Hill Mob N.A. Twiston Davies T.Jenks
6th Fence
All Jumped
7th Fence
FELL Gun'n Roses II
Lady Clarke M.Pipe M.Foley
8th Fence Canal Turn
PU Smarty 9-10-1 Mrs T.Brown M.Pitman T. Scudamore
9th Fence ( Valentines )
All Jumped
10th Fence
All Jumped
11th Fence
All Jumped
12th Fence
All Jumped
13th Fence
All Jumped
14th Fence
UR Beau 9-11-1 Mr.Trevor Hemmings N.A. Twiston Davies C. Llewellyn
15th Fence
All Jumped
16th Fence
PU Murt's Man
J.Howard P.F. Nicholls A. Thornton
17th Fence
All Jumped
18th Fence
FELL Super Franky 9-10-5 Steyer Syndicate Charles Byrnes P. O'Brian
19th Fence
PU Ackzo 9-10-0 Mrs N.L. Spence Ferdy Murphy D. Gallagher
20th Fence
UR Lyreen Wonder 9-11-4 Lyreen Syndicate A.L.T. Moore B.M.Cash
FELL Manx Magic 9-10-7 Mr.J.P. Kennedy M.Pipe G.Supple
21st Fence
All Jumped
22nd Fence
FELL Majed 6-10-11 Sandicroft Stud M.Pipe R Greene
FELL The Last Fling 12-10-6 Mr Trevor Hemmings Mrs. S.J. Smith R McGrath
23rd Fence
All Jumped
24th Fence
PU Inis Cara 10-10-0 Nancy Hogan Syndicate Miss Ventia Williams B.J. Crowley
25th Fence
All Jumped
26th Fence
All Jumped
27th Fence
BD Ad Hoc 8 11 1 Sir Robert Ogden P.F. Nichols P. Carberry
FELL David's Lad 8 11 1 Eddie Joe's racing syndicate A.J. Martin T.J. Murphy
UR Spot the Difference 9-10-0 Mr.J.P. McManus Edna Bolger D.J. Casey
UR Djeddah 11-10-0 Mr Roger Barby F.Doumen T.Doumen
28th Fence
All Jumped
29th Fence
All Jumped
30th and Last Fence
All Jumped
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